All-on-4 Dental Implants

To put it quite simply, there is no comparison between the revolutionary 'All-on-4™'dental implant technique and removable dentures.At the dental implant center of Las Vegas we offer this incredible technique, the following benefits and advantages are afforded to almost all patients of all ages and stages of tooth loss:
Results of the 'All-on-4™' procedure are immediate and can be enjoyed on the same day. This means instant oral aesthetics (a beautiful and natural smile) and a fully restored bite functionality, which almost always can be used for eating on the evening of the procedure.
The results are fixed and non-removable: The dental prosthetic bridge used in the 'All-on-4™' is affixed to four dental implants in the mouth. So, unlike false teeth, it does not move around and cannot fall out. This represents the overcoming of a massive hurdle in the field of teeth replacement.
In keeping with the previous point, the dental bridge is cared for and cleaned just like natural teeth -- with regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing- so no need for removal after meals or at night time.
No repeated expenses such as messy adhesives, anesthetic gels and other costs associated with wearing removable dentures.
The dental prosthesis is custom fabricated to intimately fit the natural contours of the patient's mouth and jaw, so it doesn't cause any discomfort and feels like a full set of natural teeth.
The 'All-on-4™' dental bridge does not compromise taste, nor does it trigger the gag reflex as removable dentures tend to.
Increased bite strength so patients can enjoy all the foods they love but previously couldn't with removable dentures and missing teeth.
Promotes a healthy jaw bone: The 'All-on-4™' technique enhances the longevity of the underlying jaw bone by preventing atrophy. As a result there is no need for costly bridgework to be done every few years or so as a result of continued bone loss. In other words, the 'All-on-4™' technique can work as a once-off treatment for tooth loss and edentulism.
The 'All-on-4™' teeth replacement solution is long term and can last decades to a lifetime if cared for properly!
Patients almost never need to undergo the pain and discomfort associated with bone grafting surgery,
Patients save money and time, by avoiding multiple procedures
Minimizes the recovery period so that the entire procedure can be completed in as little as a single day

Enables patients to receive new and immediately functional teeth in a day!